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Psychometrics Test – Best replacement for interviews

Psychometrics Test – Best replacement for interviews


Interviews, where as expensive and time taking process, Psychometric Test are the Scientific way to get the best match for the requirement. It helps to make a selection criteria. It avoids chances of errors while conducting interviews. Some times candidates who are not efficient, but able to succeed by impress interviewers with their communication skill.

To understand the process here is How to conduct an Interview. Click Here

About Psychometric tests

The psychometric test is designed on basis of many combinations. who tells about the personality, decision making, acceptability, hard working and other relevant terms required for the post. It is cost efficient technique, it saves many hours and time involved in arrangements, communications and after interview results etc. Psychometric test are very common now a days. It is useful at every level of recruitment, even it is lower level management or at higher level management.

Psychometric tests an organisation in following areas :

  • Acquisitions
  • Appraisal
  • Attitude Surveys
  • Change management
  • Coaching
  • Downsizing
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Individual development
  • Key resource evaluation
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Rehabilitation Coaching
  • Strategic planning
  • Motivational Team Building

With psychometric test it is easy to develop, overcome qualities of the individuals who are recruited to get things done from others.